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Leidos offers technical solutions to address increased energy demand, aging utility infrastructure, severe weather contingencies, enhanced operation efficiency, physical and cybersecurity concerns, and the integration of renewable energy.

Power Delivery Services

Power Line Engineering and Design

Our extensive experience in the planning, design, engineering, and operation of both overhead and underground transmission and distribution power lines provides utilities with cost-effective, lasting solutions. Leidos helps utilities develop a clear vision of the infrastructure needed to safely and reliably deliver electric power service.

Physical Cybersecurity

Substation Engineering and Design

Leidos helps utilities face the challenges of aging equipment, evolving technology, increased capacity requirements, and protection and control of their substations. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in engineering and design services that balance legacy systems by modifying existing substations in addition to the design of new facilities.

Enterprise Data Solutions

Power System Protection

A reliable protection and control (P&C) plan is essential for the safe and economical operation of any power system. Leidos offers custom-designed P&C services to increase the reliability and safety of a variety of locations including generating stations, substations, switchyards, and industrial/commercial sites.

Smart Grid Service

Distribution Automation

An integral part of the smarter grid is the extension of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) communications and functionality from substations into the distribution system, known as distribution automation. We integrate devices using communications technology and programmable logic to enable data gathering, supervisory functions, and automation in integrated substation.

Energy Efficient Programs

NERC Compliance

Leidos offers sophisticated technical expertise combined with proven experience in implementing, and improving North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) reliability compliance programs and procedures for clients nationwide. Our expertise is broad, and encompasses a full slate of capabilities and knowledge to support a complete range of NERC-related requirements.

Strategic Planning Analysis

Energy Efficiency Program Administration

Leidos has been a pioneer in the efficiency program industry for more than 30 years, and we continue to lead the energy efficiency industry with our innovations today. A full-service, turnkey program administrator, Leidos has been recognized nationally for several award-winning energy efficiency and conservation programs.

Smart Grid Select

Smart Grid Select

We recognize that electric, water, and gas utilities across the United States face radical operational change as they transition legacy infrastructure to a communication-enabled grid. To help navigate the magnitude and complexity of a smart-grid initiative, many utilities rely on a managed service provider for program management and implementation support and operations integration. Read More »

Physical Security

Physical Security

With proven, superior expertise in critical infrastructure protection, Leidos works with its critical infrastructure partners to provide enhanced security measures to deter, detect, delay, assess, communicate, and respond to potential threats. We develop and assist in the implementation of programs that include risk management framework, threat assessments, and protection plans.

Communications Cybersecurity

Communications and Cybersecurity

Leidos integrates a utility’s critical infrastructure network systems to provide secure, reliable, and scalable communication platforms. We use our deep domain knowledge to design high-availability fiber optic and wireless networking systems, and are driving the development and adoption of best practice strategies to ensure the security and integrity of the grid.

Hardening Construction

Hardening and Construction

Leidos offers experience in providing hardening services such as design, engineering, construction, and installation of protection systems that may include construction of barriers, installation of fencing, and ballistic protection. We integrate a physical barrier approach with electronic security strategies to both detect and prevent intrusions.

Planning Consulting

Planning and Consulting

Leidos fuses technological excellence with decades of operational and management consulting expertise, providing utilities with engineering and advisory services that deliver tangible and meaningful business results. Our expertise in each facet of utility operations is strengthened not only by the skill and experience of our staff, but also by the breadth of our collective capabilities.

Process Safety

Process safety is a global hot topic across all process-based industries, and the US Chemical Safety Board’s Macondo enquiry into the Deepwater Horizon incident referred to our innovative Process Safety solution as an example of how to help prevent incidents by managing risk control barriers with key performance indicators to help avoid dangerous incidents.

Process Security

Our lifecycle approach to process control system security builds upon the extensive cyber defense expertise of Leidos and provides a comprehensive assessment of security covering people, policies, procedures and technology to the global Energy market. We help organisations identify, evaluate and actively manage their security risks including physical and cyber-attacks, both deliberate and unintentional. This lifecycle approach helps organisations manage their process control systems security and deliver safe, reliable operations 24 x 7.

Information Management

Energy companies have large volumes of business critical technical information which must be well managed to avoid exposure to risk and inefficiencies, and to comply with operator safety cases and legislation. We specialize in Information Management strategies based on thought leadership and coordinated resource provision, and applies tried and tested service management methodologies to help customers manage the Information Management process and structure in line with best practice.

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