Environmental Sciences Solutions
At Leidos, our best-in-class, comprehensive environmental services ranging from integrated planning and implementation to regulatory and data management help federal, state, and commercial customers elevate their thinking.
Airport Building Management Systems
Our systems blend infrastructure, communications, security, and special systems so that the busiest airports in the country can take on the fast-paced, interconnected world.
Andon Systems
The Leidos Andon solution enables manufacturing personnel to easily identify and communicate production issues using a highly configurable web-based system.
Leading Energy Innovation with Smart Grid as a Service
Leidos captures natural gas, water, and electric meter data using a shared infrastructure as an innovative service for Kings Mountain, N.C.
Network, Security, and Airport Building Management System
Leidos supplied the San Diego International Airport with designing, installing and commissioning systems to help improve the airport’s day-to-day operations and management.
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