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IT Strategy and Value

Do you have a current IT strategic plan that maps to your organizational strategy?

The IT component of an organization’s budget continues to grow. And so do the demands on IT to enable cost reduction, manage technology complexity, and keep pace with industry/business changes. Strategic planning is critical in providing a foundation for governance, management, and execution of IT initiatives. 

The Leidos depth of IT systems experience, and proven methods, can help you achieve success in your technology strategies through systems implementation. We use a holistic approach, correlating all the challenges into a consolidated plan for organizational transformation. Our team works with your stakeholders and staff to define a project roadmap. We have developed sophisticated planning models that allow you to perform due diligence on all proposed programs, projects and technology purchases based on

  • utilization growth
  • expected revenue
  • secondary financial benefits
  • capital costs
  • operating expenses


A Strategic Approach to IT Strategy and Business Planning

  • A process that aligns the organization vision to achieve strategic, operational, and financial goals
  • An evaluation and optimization of the technology impacts on organizational culture, collaboration, workflows and processes
  • Development of IT departmental structures and functionality based upon national best practices 
  • Development of long-term strategies to rationalize IT expenditures for return on investment, and that meet the changing requirements for quality care delivery 

Take Advantage of Strategic Planning and Financial Tools

health strategic planning and financial tools

  • Engage experts with an average of 20+ years in healthcare and healthcare IT
  • Align IT and organizational strategy to create an ideal future state
  • Identify gaps between the current and ideal future state
  • Develop road maps to eliminate gaps 
  • Establish a foundation to meet the future challenges of healthcare reform
  • Analyze IT investment TCO;forecast potential return on investment 

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