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Technology Alliance

The Vision

Our group of partners is a strategic alliance of health IT and medical technology companies working with academic institutions to collaborate, innovate, and jointly invest in projects to address the healthcare community’s biggest challenges by helping improve care, secure patient information and provide better clinical outcomes. Imagine the capabilities…using a patient’s genetic profile to guide decisions on how to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases, developing applications that allow access to electronic medical records on any device… the Healthcare Technology Alliance is pooling knowledge base and resources for better healthcare outcomes.

The Partners


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Infrastructure Performance


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Big Data Analytics


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Secure, Connected Health


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Integrated Genomics

Education & Research



The Solution

Through partnerships among industry, academia and government, the Healthcare Technology Alliance captures the emerging technologies in big data analytics, telehealth, genomics and data security that will revolutionize the way the healthcare industry securely computes, catalogs and stores data to provide patients with better access to care. By investing in and demonstrating these capabilities, the Healthcare Technology Alliance enables the rapid implementation of secure solutions for healthcare customers.