Environmental Sciences



Environmental Sciences

Environmental Sciences


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Whether your project demands targeted environmental services or comprehensive environmental management, you can rely on Leidos. We deliver innovative environmental solutions that keep you in compliance, on schedule, and protect your bottom line.

Leidos experts offer an in-depth understanding of the environmental impact analysis process, agency requirements, and public and stakeholder participation.

We create planning products for the military that support decision documents, define alternatives, and ensure mission continuity while providing a solid basis for Environmental Impact Analysis.

We intimately know the laws, regulations, guidelines, and instructions concerning these resources and can provide the project planning, analysis, and management to keep you in compliance.

We provide multimedia environmental compliance services to help clients meet the requirements of complex federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Leidos custom tailors our approach to each client in order to help monitor day-to-day activities, visualize emergencies, and proactively plan for development while protecting the bottom line.

Our comprehensive climate and sustainability services allow clients to implement effective strategies that reduce costs, exceed consumer expectations, protect brand equity, and manage risk.

Leidos helps Department of Defense (DoD) clients economically and safely manage the effects of corrosion on materials.

Our nuclear technology and security professionals assist federal executives and managers, civilian and military, to execute nuclear deterrence, nuclear nonproliferation, and nuclear counterterrorism missions.

Leidos supplies conventional and specialized munitions response expertise at Department of Defense (DoD) sites across the United States.