Systems Integration and Controls


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Leidos is a true systems integrator; we are solutions provider, not a product vendor. We understand that system integration is more than just interconnecting technologies. Success requires that all project disciplines (architecture, engineering, IT, business operations, etc.) work together toward a common goal. Whether we are a turnkey provider or technical consultant for enterprise analytics, manufacturing execution systems and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), or control systems, our approach focuses on teamwork and coordination throughout a project.

From central utility systems to material handling systems to discrete manufacturing systems, Leidos executes complex systems integration and control projects across many domains.

We help airports improve their operational efficiency by creating actionable information from their existing data, allowing airport personnel to better respond to and resolve potential events, incidents, and emergencies.

Leidos provides a suite of Manufacturing Execution Systems and Andon expertise that helps businesses enforce standard manufacturing and communicate effectively to increase productivity, improve quality, and reduce costs.

We help enterprises use focused data systems, centralize data, use standard metrics and actionable business rules to automate decision making and achieve business goals.

Our software development expertise sets us apart from other integrators. It enables us to fill integration gaps and provide complete, turnkey integration solutions to our customers.

Leidos offers a customized solution that helps clients update aging infrastructure with the latest smart technologies and integrate the data it generates across all departments to better inform citizens and employees.

As a one-source integrator of energy management services, Leidos designs effective energy programs and can also help implement and manage them for customers.