Mission IT Services



Mission IT Services

Mission IT Services

We deliver high value, low-cost IT services to support mission-critical operations in the intelligence community, DoD, and DHS.

Mission IT Service
  •   Systems Integration
  •   IT Mission Support
  •   Application Development & Software Maintenance Support
  •   Cloud Adoption, Security, Migration, Operations & Management
  •   Analytic Services
  •   Enterprise Architecture
  •   Machine Learning Development & Integration
  •   World-Wide Language Services & Solutions
  •   Geospatial Services & Help Desk Support


For nearly two decades, Leidos has been a leader in biometrics-based identification and credentialing missions.

Biometrics Service
  •   Large-Scale Systems Integration
  •   Biometric Design
  •   Biometric Development
  •   Technical Evaluations
  •   World-Wide Security
  •   Identify Persons of Interest
  •   Employment & Access Control

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