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Modernize Your Mission

As the Number 1 provider of IT services to the federal government for more than 20 years, we understand how to maximize the latest technology and its application to individual customer missions.

We provide a full spectrum of IT services for government agencies, targeted at solving their most difficult IT challenges. Learn more about some of the innovative ways we’re using technology to excel our customers’ missions:

Protecting America’s Consumers

Working with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) we developed and launched a mobile web access capability that was fast, effective and easy-to-use for the millions of Americans who contact them every year.
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Improving Criminal Identification

Together with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), we developed the Next Generation Identification (NGI) system, allowing the FBI to identify criminals faster, more accurately and in greater volume than ever before.
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Increasing Airport Efficiency

Air passenger figures are set to double in the next 20 years. Inefficient final approach spacing is the single most constraining factor to runway capacity. Learn more about how we worked with NATS to pioneer a solution that blends technology and air traffic control expertise to enable airports to optimize approach spacing for aircraft through both distance-based and time-based separation.
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Brain-Powered Machine Learning

Reports show the number of concussions continues to grow in amateur and professional sports. In response, our neuroscience engineer Bill Rose and a small team of researchers have been studying how to apply machine learning algorithms to brain images from fMRI scans.
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