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Latent Print Fingerprint Technology (LIFT)

LIFT can visualize latent fingerprints and palm prints in real-time without the need to currently rely upon chemical treatments, such as fingerprint dusting, Cyanoacrylate fuming and Ninhydrin treatment. Additionally, the images are available immediately for submission to a local or virtual Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS).

The handheld system is non-intrusive, non-altering and provides real-time images of latent fingerprint or palm print for identification by an analyst or AFIS.

The imaging device produces 500 or 1,000 pixels per inch resolution images of latent fingerprint or palm print images from documents or objects.

The applied optical-imaging approach has been successfully demonstrated to work on multiple object types and paper surfaces including: magazines (glossy surfaces), white (office) paper, CDs, plastics, metals, weapons, electrical and duct tapes, and more.

LIFT is easy to use, with minimal training requirements. With no consumables required, the system is easily maintained and has limited operational costs over the extended life of the product.

This product is in prototype stage and Leidos is actively seeking development partners for the production stage.