Incident Response & Forensics Services

The Leidos Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) personalizes and takes appropriate course of action based on the specific needs and demands of our clients.

Depending on the situation, our team may provide the following:

  • Containment & Remediation: Our team rapidly secures the enterprise and contains the damage of an information security breach to minimize client data loss and financial exposure. Furthermore, as a part of our remediation process, we have the ability to resolve identified issues by implementing mitigating solutions, or we can provide such advice to the client’s team.
  • Determine Source: As experts in incident response, we know how to track an attacker's movements and can often quickly identify their methods and tools to advise on appropriate countermeasures.
  • Forensic Analysis and Data Recovery: Our examiners routinely analyze substantial amounts of technical data. This service includes analysis of software, email, application data, logs, system settings, metadata, etc., as well as recovery of hard drive data, deleted data, and special devices.
  • Malware Analysis: Our examiners have years of experience analyzing and defusing malicious code. We analyze the malware's intent, and determine how, where and when it will spread and activate.
  • Data Restoration: Our teams have advanced training and experience recovering data from commercial systems and databases that have been damaged or corrupted by catastrophic accident, natural disasters, criminal activity, or even acts of war.


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