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CyberNEXS™ Training Platform

Information is a critical business asset. An asset that depends on protection by competent system administrators experienced in real-world environments and threats. As it becomes increasingly difficult to keep a network secure, maintaining the level of cyber competency among the current and future workforce is imperative. A cyber-defense curriculum and live trainers that quantify a student's performance are essential to the survival of our "Information Age" critical assets.

The CyberNEXS platform provides customers with an expandable, virtual platform for cyber security training, exercises, and competitions. The platform offers a secure virtual environment in which to assess network and system attack-and-defend, forensics, and penetration strategies. This environment gives users the ability to tactically test, evaluate, and train for current and next generation threats using scenario-based exercises.

The CyberNEXS platform encompasses a patented scoring system designed to provide multiple scoring options to ensure measurable and verifiable skills. The platform can be leveraged several different ways to meet your Cybersecurity needs:


Components and Features

  • Security Challenges - Multiple game types to include Attack, Defend, Attack-Defend, Forensics, and Pen Testing. Designed to provide tactical, hands-on game style training on a variety of software security topics. Users participate in a Capture the Flag virtual game where they are required to advance through various scenarios of ranging difficulty levels.
  • Dynamic Exercises - Real-time competition between multiple players and teams (Red, Blue, White teams). Through multiple scenarios, players are required to obtain control and defend network and infrastructure components by utilizing skills developed in the challenges.
  • Modeling - Capability to customize virtual environments, from a single server configuration to an entire enclave network. This capability provides real-time, tactical training of an environment mirroring an operational environment eliminating the element of risk. This feature provides an effective test bed for attack and response testing, forensic investigations, and hands-on training in a safe environment without the risk of proprietary data loss or impact to the existing network.
  • Accessibility - Users have the ability to access the CyberNEXS platform from anywhere in the world, at anytime, through a secure VPN connection. Users are tracked individually with individual IDs to provide real-time scoring of exercises and performance.



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