Data Loss Prevention

Implementation of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software on company networks has not only increased, but has become a requirement due to the nature of the information which can be obtained from malicious cyber activity. While many organizations have deployed data loss prevention, most do not have an adequate infrastructure or professionally trained personnel to manage it correctly. Such organizations deploy default filtering parameters and rely on basic detection for credit card numbers and social security numbers, and lack of knowledgeable, experienced DLP engineers results in an overwhelmingly large amount of unmanaged and unfiltered alerts.

We manage and monitor a customer's DLP software and infrastructure by leveraging our state of the art aggregation and correlation technology used for traditional security devices. Our high tough, personalized services are characterized by intimate intra-company collaboration between analysts, technicians, project managers, and primary points of contact to solidify baseline events and determine what is truly important for each individual company. This gives customers unprecedented visability into all the different types of sensitive data leaving their organization, in addition to providing an extremely effective system of protecting this data from falling into the wrong hands.


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