Common Criteria

Common Criteria testing provides a baseline for vendors to meet in order to ensure compliance with meeting security standards. Products that have gone through Common Criteria certification have been subjected to rigorous documentation and product implementation tests confirming that all functionality behaves as marketed and meets the Information and Assurance, Audit, Management, and Crypotgraphic requirements set forth by Department of Defense standards.

Benefits of looking for Common Criteria tested products include:

  • Supplemental Administrator and User Guidance: discretely details the steps needed to configure and operate the product in Common Criteria mode
  • Interoperability confirmation: most testing requires environmental components so a level of confirmation via testing is proven


In order for vendors to sell products to the government, the products must be evaluated by an accredited laboratory against all applicable criteria and standards. We operate one of the largest accredited laboratories, with extensive experience in testing and evaluations. Our knowledge of the processes and regulations enables us to help vendors go to market faster and more cost-effective.

To learn more about the Common Criteria, visit the Common Criteria Portal.


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