Commercial Cybersecurity

We apply decades of national security and health IT expertise to help strengthen enterprises against cyber attacks. Through continuous monitoring, we can identify threats and quickly resolve potential issues. Our comprehensive security services allow customers to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical IT systems and data; meet compliance mandates; and operate securely in an increasingly targeted healthcare environment.

Strategic Consulting Services

Strategic Consulting Services

Our team is staffed with seasoned professionals with decades of cybersecurity experience. Our team's knowledge results from a variety of projects performed in both government and commercial markets. We understand all aspects of the cybersecurity life cycle - from design of defenses to monitoring to remediation to testing and assessment of your current security posture.

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Strategic Assessment Testing

Strategic Assessment & Testing

We determine your organization’s readiness to defend itself against an attack with our assessment and testing services. We perform Intelligence Driven Defense® service assessments, Security Operations Center gap assessments, advanced persistent threat simulations, penetration tests, and vulnerability assessments and tests.

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Threat Intelligence Analyst Workflow Platform

Threat Intelligence & Analyst Workflow Platform: Palisade™

Palisade™ supports comprehensive threat data collection, analysis, collaboration, and expertise in a single platform. The platform was specifically built on the foundation of the Cyber Kill Chain® and Intelligence Driven Defense® to deliver a more complete understanding of targeted threats.

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Industrial Defender Automation Systems Manager

The Industrial Defender Automation Systems Manager (ASM)™ Platform

We leverage our Industrial Defender ASM™ platform to address the overlapping requirements of cybersecurity, compliance, and change management within the industrial control systems space. This platform provides a consolidated and unified view into your heterogeneous control systems environment.

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Advanced Threat Monitoring

Advanced Threat Monitoring (ATM)

Our ATM services integrate advanced persistent threat sensors onto your existing corporate internet points of presence to analyze a wide view of incoming and outgoing network traffic. Leidos trained analysts review suspect network and email traffic, and compare that data against more than a decade of threat indicators to identify attacks or intrusions and mitigate the risk.

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Enhanced Threat Protection

Enhanced Threat Protection (ETP)

We stop malware and malicious emails from infiltrating your network with our ETP managed service solution. E-mail and DNS threat protection are provided automatically by selective redirection of malicious communications to safe servers where you can access the traffic, and manually review, delete, or release emails.

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Analysis on Demand

Analysis on Demand (AOD)

Our unique AOD services let clients securely transmit malware or suspicious samples to Leidos for expert analysis. Our industry-leading security intelligence analysts provide you with detailed findings and recommendations for mitigation.

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Cyber Threat Analysis Services LM Wisdom

Cyber Threat Analysis Service with LM Wisdom® Open Source (OS)

LM Wisdom® OS is a customizable state-of-the-art web, social media, monitoring and analytics solution providing context for the analysis and application of cyber threat intelligence. LM WISDOM® OS provides a forecast of potential threats and vulnerabilities by using broad market information to predict threat actor’s behaviors.

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LM Wisdom Endpoint Detection and Response

LM Wisdom® Endpoint Detection & Response™ (EDR)

LM Wisdom EDR™ secures your endpoints with best-of-breed threat intelligence and EDR technology combined with services from our team of seasoned cyber defenders to monitor your environment and proactively defend your assets. We provide real-time threat detection of both known and unknown threats.

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Wisdom Advanced Threat Monitoring

LM Wisdom® Advanced Threat Monitoring™ (ATM)

Identify threats and rapidly adapt defenses to ever changing Advanced Persistent Threats. LM Wisdom ATM™ is a specialized, file-centric threat detection platform that provides cyber analysts robust network visibility and email-focused intrusion detection capabilities.

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Wisdom Insider Threat Identification

LM Wisdom® Insider Threat Identification (ITI)

Our award-winning LM Wisdom® ITI solution provides organizations with proactive identification of potential insider threat activity. LM Wisdom® ITI takes a holistic approach to detecting insider threats, seamlessly integrating data sources across the organization with individual modeling behavioral indicators.

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