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AWS Managed Services

Technology is essential to executing the processes and procedures that support your core business, and Cloud Computing has revolutionized IT enabling benefits including:

  • Better scalability – Solution grows as your business grows with scalable computing elements readily available.
  • Increase agility – Improve your speed to market with increased agility.
  • Reduce and avoid costs – Avoid the costs of building and maintaining your own Data Centers. Pay for consumption and avoid cost of hardware refreshes.
  • Apply appropriate security – Manage security costs by correctly assessing your data and selecting the appropriate cloud security controls.

Leidos Managed Services for Cloud

How you manage your technology needs within an ever-changing network environment will directly impact your organization’s productivity, security, compliance, and operational continuity. Organizations can:

  • Centralize intelligence from internal and external sources
  • Increase responsiveness, speed, and agility
  • Effectively measure and communicate the success of the team
  • Reduce human resource consumption

Our Leidos Cloud team specializes in solutions that create unique, innovative, and sustainable competitive advantages for our customers by unleashing the potential of the Cloud. With services ranging from Strategy, Design and Build, Migration, Managed Services, Automation, and Orchestration our expert staff and real-world experience makes us the trusted partner for your cloud initiatives.

While traditional Managed Service Providers (MSPs) help with monitoring and maintenance because the cloud is a revolutionary constantly evolving platform, working with Leidos as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) MSP is key in attaining a sustainable competitive advantage. As an AWS MSP, we play a key role in helping our customers recognize and realize these benefits.

DevOps in ITIL FrameWORKS

Organizations have aspirations to leverage both Agile and DevOps methodologies; however; they often struggle to accomplish this within the context of ITIL. With over two million people trained in ITIL, it’s the closest thing the industry has to an IT management standard. ITIL is sequential, plan-centric, deterministic, and although the framework can adjust to individual business needs and practices, it’s not considered agile. By considering Agile and DevOps within the context of ITIL, the processes can be morphed to take advantage of the methodologies’ benefits for teams and workloads when appropriate.

Leidos incorporates industry best practices into its processes and designs. As an AWS Partner, we recommend the practices described in AWS Security Best Practices.

Our Approach to Agile Migrations

With Leidos Managed Services on AWS, you will:

  • Reduce your costs – save a minimum of 10% on your monthly AWS bill
  • Understand your costs – receive a simplified version of your bill and see exactly what you’re paying for
  • Track costs by department – benefit from our tagging feature that allows you to see which departments in your organization are spending the most

Leidos has partnered with Amazon Web Services to deliver industry-leading public and GovCloud service offerings and has received the highest level Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) authorization to become an approved provider of secure community cloud services to federal, state, and local agencies. Learn more about our AWS Validated Qualifications.