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New Perspectives on Cybersecurity

Cyberspace is a network of networks; however, today most network operators cannot see beyond their own perimeter to gain advance knowledge of coming threats. Leidos has developed a situational awareness platform to address this issue. Our tools help network operators to see beyond their boundaries, increase the all important window of time to respond, and stop the threats before the damage is done. Leidos brings its homeland security, defense, and intelligence customers a predictive cybersecurity platform based on years of successful research and integration, enabling real-time correlation of data from outside and inside the network in order to visualize actionable information. This includes:

  • Detect, diagnose, and remediate cyber threats
  • Network defense, exploitation and operations
  • Predictive analytics and automated behavioral analysis
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Agile development processes

Leidos is the science and technology company you have known for more than 40 years, bringing new perspectives to advanced cybersecurity that not only transform it today, but change the world tomorrow.

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