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CSA Overview

While defending cyber interests globally Leidos has developed a skilled team, advanced capabilities and a proven framework to proactively protect what matters most. Our solutions promote a mature cybersecurity posture. In response to the adaptive nature of cyber threats, we developed the Intelligence Driven Defense® solutions and Cyber Kill Chain® services to support analysts in taking a proactive approach to network defense. Since 2012 we have been training public and private sector entities on how to implement these two frameworks into their cyber intelligence operations in order to thwart future attacks with the Experience Cyber Immersion Training and Exercise (EXCITE®) program offered by the Center for Security Analysis (CSA). Our courses have also been reviewed for accreditation by American Military University (AMU).


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CSA is an industry leading provider of cyber intelligence training specializing in the study, development, and instruction of world-class analytic training and methodologies. Since our inception, we have provided cyber training and consultation services for a variety of financial sector organizations to include; HSBC, Capital One, JP Morgan Chase, US Federal Reserve, Charles Schwab and Lincoln Financial Group. Our courses range from introductory to advanced courses for both technical engineers, intelligence analysts, as well as senior leadership.

Our Approach

We train analysts to perform intelligence tasks in support of your mission’ using your tools, your data, at your classifications, in your operating environment.

We Have the Flexibility to Meet Your Training Needs

  • Offering multiple training options based upon your analytical population, operational tempo, locations, tools, and desired skill levels
  • Our cadre of Instructional Systems Designers, E-learning specialists and instructors allow us to provide training consultation services to identify your organizations specific training needs and provide a tailored training program specifically for you and your customers. Our staff are fully versed in the latest adult learning theology and instructional design methodologies to maximize learner retention and provide you the most for your training budget.
  • The CSA Instructional methodology is based on several theoretical frameworks to facilitate content retention and transfer from the classroom to the workplace. This process reduces the "forgetting curve" that occurs when learners depart the training location, maximizing long-term investment in the learning experience.

Course Offerings

EXCITE® Cyber Intelligence Training

Experiential Cyber Immersion Training and Exercises® (EXCITE®) accelerates the competency level of cyber intelligence analysts by offering courses that provide an understanding of security intelligence concepts, mindset, tools, and technologies.

EXCITE® features realistic, hands-on exercises so participants are immersed in the reconstruction and mitigation of a full attack scenario instrumented through the centrally-managed environment.

  • Exercises and simulations based on real-world threats to build familiarity with attacks and mitigations
  • Concepts such as defensible architectures, incident response, and forensic analysis
  • Encouraging teamwork and collaboration within a challenging and fast-paced environment
  • General security concepts to ensure a solid understanding of how to translate skills to their environment

Proven Results

As a global, leading cybersecurity practitioner, we safeguard some of the most sensitive information and mission-critical systems in the world.

Computer Incident Response Team has created an intelligence-driven defense process known as the Cyber Kill Chain®, which allows information security professionals to proactively remediate and mitigate advanced threats in the future. These process innovations will be featured as part of the EXCITE® courses

Available Courses:

Introduction to Intelligence Driven Defense®

  • IDD & CKC Core Concepts
  • Linux CLI Data Analysis
  • Host-based IR & Forensics
  • Network Forensics
  • Defensible Enterprise Architectures

Advanced Intelligence Driven Defense®

  • IDD & CKC Core Concepts
  • Advanced Linux CLI Data Analysis
  • Incident Response for APT
  • Advanced Network Forensics
  • Defensible Enterprise Architectures

Intelligence Analysis Training

The Intelligence Analysis Training Team is dedicated to providing our clients with custom, cost-effective business solutions. We specialize in integrating tools, technology, data, and analytical techniques into a comprehensive curriculum for the intelligence analyst. We strive to deliver relevant, mission-focused, tool-specific, and methodology-based training to intelligence analysts at any location globally.

Intelligence Course Offerings:

Structured Analytic Techniques Course

  • Recognize cognitive biases and their causes, and learn to how to overcome these biases using structured analytic techniques
  • Employ techniques for dealing with complex, incomplete, and ambiguous information
  • Demonstrate the soundness of intelligence produced using structured analytic techniques by taking advantage of the analytic transparency provided by structured analytic techniques.
  • Formulating and testing hypothesis
  • Fosters a collaborative team environment

Critical Thinking Course

  • Defining critical thinking and its application to intelligence analysis.
  • Explaining how cognitive biases and differences in perception influence our thinking.
  • Understand the most common types of fallacies and their relevance to critical thinking.
  • Understand the 8 Elements of Thought and Intellectual Traits and how they can help improve your critical thinking skill
  • Identifying the four main components of source evaluation techniques.

Intelligence Briefing and Writing Course

  • Helps learners to understand the core components of active writing and presentation skills to enable analysts in providing information to decision makers and teammates in a structured, succinct and cogent manner.
  • Enables learners to recognize the connection between thought and language, and understand why good intelligence analysis is impossible without sharp writing skills
  • Employ accurate, brief, and clear English prose; passive vs. active writing voice
  • Demonstrate techniques for presenting clear briefings, including the construction of clear, concise, and accurate PowerPoint presentations
  • Evaluate and understand the various audiences for which intelligence professionals write and brief, and the special demands and requirements of each

Cyber Threat Analysis Course

  • The purpose of this course is to help bridge the gap between traditional intelligence tradecraft and the emerging field of cyber intelligence analysis
  • Fuses the Cyber Kill Chain® and Intelligence Driven Defense® methodologies with the Analytic Cycle and Decision Making Process, as well as Threat Profiling to enable intelligence analysts to take a proactive approach to cyber intelligence
  • Reviews and applies the core Critical Thinking concepts, as well as Structured Analytic Techniques to help foster a collaborative and freethinking environment and overcome analytic pitfalls such as cognitive biases and group think


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