Federal Cybersecurity



Federal Cybersecurity

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Federal Cybersecurity

Our team of cybersecurity experts, including cleared developers, solution architects, and key management personnel, bring an established track record for delivering agile, game-changing cyber solutions in operations, government defensive, analytics, and commercial.

Computer Attack Exploitation Network

Computer Attack and Exploitation Network (CAEN)

The Computer Attack and Exploitation Network (CAEN) is a virtual environment providing a safe and isolated environment for employees to develop and practice cyber skills. This virtual playground will facilitate the development of techniques and approaches for solving modern cyber threat challenges.



The CyberNEXS platform provides customers with an expandable, virtual platform for cyber security training, exercises, and competitions. The platform offers a secure virtual environment in which to assess network and system attack-and-defend, forensics, and penetration strategies. This environment provides the ability to test, evaluate, and train for current and next generation threats.

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ExpeditionaryRT (XRT) (Tactical Real-Time SIGINT)

XRT is a high-performance computing platform that conducts data warehousing, performs data enrichment, and executes advanced analytics, all in a small form factor that is available to the warfighter. XRT provides real-time ingest, processing, alerting, and analysis in support of critical signals intelligence missions.

Federal Agency Cybersecurity

Federal Agency Cybersecurity

Leidos provides information assurance capabilities to key federal customers including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and has expertise in transitioning security operations centers to a more proactive security intelligence posture and provides expert counsel to government Chief Information Security Officer’s (CISO’s).

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