Memory Unit Tactical Air Crew Training System



Memory Unit Tactical Air Crew Training System

Memory Unit Tactical Air Crew Training System

MUTACTS provides quick, accurate, and cost-effective post-flight review and analysis of military aircraft training missions.

Our Memory Unit Tactical Air Crew Training System (MUTACTS) provides quick, accurate, and cost-effective post-flight review and analysis of military aircraft training missions. MUTACTS and its companion product for pre-flight analysis, the Mission Planning System (MPS), are both based on exportable map database technology.


MUTACTS accurately reconstructs complex training sorties anywhere — without the need for an instrumented range. The system's portability provides tremendous scheduling and location flexibility, and saves range fee expenses. Every flight is recoverable as a training event. Ease-of-use features include simple downloading and state-of-the-art graphics displays of air combat scenarios for pilots, mission planners, and evaluators.

This proven system has been in operation since 1997 and has benefited from continuing enhancements to support the latest avionics and weapons systems. The system is currently in use by the United States and several international customers.


MUTACTS provides speed of delivery and accuracy of information:

  • Data can be delivered less than half an hour after landing for post-mission tactical debriefs.
  • In-depth, definitive detail from the avionics data stream is available when the information is most useful, providing critical feedback within an optimal recall interval.
  • Multiple aircraft can be precisely tracked through aerial maneuvers.
  • Captured data is automatically archived for reuse to maximize training at minimum cost.


MUTACTS supports post flight debriefing and training for both air-to-air and air-to-ground weapon simulations. Flight reconstruction can accommodate as many as 30 high activity aircraft. Synchronized displays (3-D and 2-D) of both mission data and aircraft cockpit video are shown over high fidelity digital terrain models.

The built-in communications capability enables synchronized debrief between multiple remote sites. In addition, dissimilar aircraft can participate simultaneously. The system accepts data from either external wing-mounted pods or the self-contained avionics in newer aircraft.


How does the system support electronic map data outside the U.S.?

The Map Station available from Leidos provides a user-definable electronic map database. It supports common map types such as CADRG, CIB, ADRG, TIFF, CAC, Intergraph, and CRP. For areas of the world without electronic map data, the Map Station can process paper charts seamlessly into the existing map database. Multi-datum support includes the earth centered WGS-84 and WGS-72 models. Maps can be further annotated with an overlay editor where overlays can be embedded into the map for subsequent use by the MPS, MUTACTS or in the cockpit.

Can the system be modified to accommodate new airframes?

Yes. Leidos can adapt the MUTACTS technology based on customer criteria. Leidos has made adaptations for both US and foreign aircraft. MUTACTS also supports data from Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) pods for dissimilar aircraft mission debrief.

How does the system support cockpit video playback?

MUTACTS supports the playback of COMM and video recorded in the cockpit synchronized with high fidelity 3-D and 2-D displays through a serial RS-232 interface with a popular video debriefing system. Intuitive VCR-like controls allow the operator to move the replay quickly to points of interest during the debrief.

What types of weapons simulations are supported?

Various weapons including both air-to-air and air-to-ground are supported with precise fly-out simulations and ground target scoring. Accuracy is ensured through the integration of simulations provided by the manufacturer of current weapons systems.

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