Electromagnetic Simulation Software

The Xpatch® toolkit is a set of prediction codes and analysis tools that use the shooting-and-bouncing ray (SBR) method to predict realistic far-field and near-field radar signatures for 3D target models.


The Xpatch toolkit is used by the Air Force Research Laboratory and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for multiple radar simulation programs. There are over 9000 active licenses across the country in both industrial and government applications using the Xpatch toolkit to produce and analyze scattering data for realistic aircraft, missiles, ships, spacecraft, and ground vehicles.


  • Near-field capabilities
  • Multiple IGES entities, scattering centers, and hybrid capabilities support.
  • Intuitive user interfaces aid in problem setup, model checking, moving components, comparing signatures, and plotting results.
  • ISAR and range profile generation with feature traceback capability.
  • Edge, point, and custom forms of diffraction.
  • Moving parts analysis and support.
  • Fully compatible with SAF and CrossFlux.
  • Rough surface scattering.


The Xpatch toolkit is the premier electromagnetic (EM) code suite for predicting and analyzing high-frequency radar signatures. It has evolved and matured through extensive validation efforts with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).

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