Compress Melt Unit Mod 1



Compress Melt Unit Mod 1

Compress Melt Unit (CMU) Mod 1

The CMU (MOD 1 PWP) significantly improves the performance of the original unit by increasing processing rates, reliability and decreasing maintenance.

The modified plastics waste processor, CMU (MOD 1 PWP), was designed to significantly improve upon the performance of the original unit by increasing processing rates and reliability and decreasing maintenance. The new unit has 34% less components, provides 2 to 3 times the process rate and is significantly cleaner and easier to clean. The electromechanical drive system was replaced with a single pneumatic actuator for compression, and the lower frame of the unit was redesigned to be more open, allowing easier access for cleaning as well as more efficient waste and liquid flow through.

The unit also incorporates nine self-cleaning nozzles that are connected to the ship's hot potable water service. This greatly reduces the amount of cleaning time and effort by ship's force. The new direct cooling system used with the auxiliary unit does not need a pump or a heat exchanger and has a total of 84% fewer parts than the current closed-loop cooling unit. The direct cooling system utilized by the auxiliary unit also cools the compress melt unit in about half the time of the original cooling system.

All of the improvements are internal to the equipment, resulting in zero ship interface changes, and the Mod 0 unit can be replaced by the Mod 1 unit on the same foundation with no alterations or modifications required.

Technical Specifications

Processing Rate

Completed plastic disks reduce plastic volume by 30 to 1

Each CMU processes a 10-pound disk every 20 minutes

Power Requirements

460 VAC

Overall weight

1,310 pounds

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