Image of VACIS® M6500 Mobile Inspection System

Safety & Security

Leidos offers a variety of products to enhance safety and security in transportation, military, emergency response and other applications.

VACIS® Cargo and Vehicle Inspection Systems

VACIS systems scan cargo containers, trucks, cars and other vehicles to help authorities search for weapons, nuclear material, narcotics, undeclared goods and other contraband at cargo terminals, border crossings, military facilities and other checkpoints.

Picture of All-Terrain VACIS® Scanning SystemAll-Terrain VACIS® Scanning System*

Non-intrusive mobile imaging wherever it is needed.

Picture of VACIS<sup>®</sup> M6500 Mobile Inspection SystemVACIS® M6500 Mobile Inspection System

The versatile, compact VACIS M6500 system scans trucks, cargo containers, cars and other vehicles. The system can scan 150 vehicles per hour or more, and can even scan occupied vehicles.

Picture of VACIS IP6500 FullScan Integrated Inspection SystemVACIS® IP6500 FullScan Integrated Inspection System*

VACIS IP6500 system safely scans occupied trucks and other vehicles of all sizes. This compact, high-speed system features high-energy x-ray and dual-energy material discrimination.

Picture of VACIS XPL Passenger Vehicle Scanning SystemVACIS® XPL Passenger Vehicle Scanning System*

VACIS XPL system safely scans occupied cars and and other light vehicles. This compact, relocatable system features fast, top-view x-ray scanning and switched-energy material discrimination.

Reveal Baggage Inspection Systems

Reveal explosives detection systems (EDS) automatically detect a variety of explosives in checked baggage at airports and other passenger facilities. Reveal's technology meets the world's most demanding EDS standards, including TSA EDS, EU ECAC, and Israeli ISA.


CT-120 is a high-capacity system for regular and extra-large checked baggage. CT-120 can inspect up to 1,000 bags per hour, with full 3D imaging for visual inspection.

Picture of CT-800msCT-800MS

The CT-800MS is a medium-capacity system for regular and extra-large checked baggage. The CT 800MS can inspect up to 660 bags per hour, with full 3D imaging for visual inspection.

Picture of CT-80DR+CT-80DR+

CT-80DR+ is a compact, economical system for checked baggage. CT-80DR+ can inspect up to 226 bags per hour and can be configured to inspect extra-long baggage.

Picture of CT-800CT-800

CT-800 is a powerful, economical system for checked baggage. CT-800 can inspect up to 250 bags per hour, with very high resolution images for visual inspection.

EXPLORANIUM® Radiation Detection Systems

EXPLORANIUM radiation portal monitors (RPMs) and handheld devices use passive scanning technology to help security, safety and emergency personnel detect and identify radioactive materials in vehicles, cargo, scrap metal and the environment.

Picture of SRPM-210 RPMSRPM-210 RPM

SRPM-210 system detects, classifies and locates nuclear threats and other radioactive material in vehicles and cargo.

GR-135 “Identifier” Radioisotope Identification Device (RIID)GR-135 "Identifier" Radioisotope Identification Device (RIID)*

The handheld GR-135 system detects and identifies a wide variety of radioactive material in vehicles, cargo, emergency scenes and the environment.

RTR-4® Portable Digital X-Ray Systems

RTR-4 portable digital X-ray system helps law enforcement, military and customs personnel search for weapons, narcotics and other contraband hidden in parcels, vehicle tires and panels, building walls and many other objects.

Picture of RTR-4 Portable Digital X-ray SystemRTR-4 Portable Digital X-ray System*

RTR-4 system reveals explosives, weapons, narcotics, currency and other contraband through an inch of steel, operating by remote control at a safe distance.

Picture of RTR-4 Training PackageRTR-4 Training Package

RTR-4 training package is a self-paced online course that teaches new users how to operate, maintain and troubleshoot the system, and teaches experienced users how to use advanced features.

Picture of RTR-5 Portable Flat Panel Imaging SystemRTR-5 Portable Flat Panel Imaging System

RTR-5 is a next-generation portable x-ray system for detecting explosives, weapons and other contraband. Utilizing a unique combination of computed radiography (CR) plate and a digital radiography (DR) scanning system, RTR-5 provides high quality images in near real time. RTR-5 Flat Panel design supports rapid deployment in extremely tight spaces and acquisition of multiple images from a single approach. Learn More >>

Surveillance and Security Systems

Leidos provides surveillance and security systems to meet customer needs ranging from deployed armed forces to maritime and land surveillance and security applications.

Picture of AD16AD16™

A proven, high-bandwidth, long-range mobile communications system that overcomes challenges associated with communications on the move.

Picture of Adaptive Fusion TrackerAdaptive Fusion Tracker

A multi-sensor correlator designed for rapid sensor integration and high fidelity track database reporting with proven performance under 24/7 environments.

Integrated Wide Area Surveillance System (IWASS)Integrated Wide Area Surveillance System (IWASS)

Integrated Wide Area Surveillance System (IWASS) safeguards the homeland through an intelligence-based operational solution for border security.

Picture of NeuSand Neutron DetectorNeuSand Neutron Detector

Leidos has developed an innovative method of detecting the presence of hazardous nuclear materials on military vessels, in cargo areas, at border crossings and in other environments at risk of exposure to radiation.

Crisis Management and Shelter Solutions

Whether analyzing and assessing the impact of potential disasters or support escalating emergency response requirements, Leidos offers tools to meet the need.

Picture of Consequences Assessment Tool Set (CATS)Consequences Assessment Tool Set (CATS)

CATS provides incident manager and first responder tools for analyzing and assessing the impact of potential disasters from natural and technological sources.

Picture of Expandable Shelter System (ESS)Expandable Shelter System (ESS)

This system scales quickly from a sealed 8 feet wide by 20 feet long, rigid-sided shelter to an expanded 24 feet wide by 20 feet long facility with its own electrical and environmental support.

* These items are available for purchase on the General Services Administration (GSA) Law Enforcement and Security Equipment Contract GS-07F-0210J.