Integrated Wide Area Surveillance System



Integrated Wide Area Surveillance System

Integrated Wide Area Surveillance System (IWASS)

The Integrated Wide Area Surveillance System (IWASS) safeguards the homeland through an intelligence-based operational solution for border security.

The Integrated Wide Area Surveillance System (IWASS) is an intelligence-based operational solution for border security. Safeguarding the homeland requires a solution that provides an automated, wide-area surveillance capability to predict, deter, detect, track, identify, classify, respond to and resolve incursions. In addition, this solution provides enhanced situational awareness for force protection, critical asset and infrastructure, and special event security.


For more than 20 years, Leidos has been at the forefront of solutions that meet the challenges of the border security missions of customs and border protection. In the last five years, we have supported approximately 70 programs with a combined value of more than $200 million.

IWASS is a ready-to-use commercial off-the-shelf system that has been tested in the field and is ready to deploy, providing uninterrupted surveillance within a prescribed area of coverage. IWASS is a turnkey solution that is an open system, standards-based for integration with other technologies. It is also scalable to provide effective coverage as needs.


Leidos border protection solutions are geared to meet specific border security mission needs, now and in the future. We have more than 50 products and applications that can comprise an end-to-end border security solution from prediction to resolution. Our solutions cover the entire security spectrum - from unmanned vehicles, safety and security, and software/hardware to transportation, simulation, and geospatial applications.

Command, Control, Communication, Computers, and Intelligence Capability

  • Proven human-machine interface provides real-time and archival situational awareness
  • Requires minimal training for ease of use
  • Open system interfaces for technology integration and insertion


  • Radar and electro-optical and infrared sensor suite provides an area of coverage up to 7.5 miles
  • 360-degree persistent surveillance radar provides maximum detection
  • Class IIIB eye-safe laser illuminator
  • Easily configurable with other sensor technology


  • High-speed encrypted network
  • Communications network uses proven National Telecommunications and Information Administration and Federal Information Processing Standards-certified components
  • Network independent, adaptable for specific customer communication technologies and needs


  • Green energy powered solar battery solution
  • Configurable with multiple external sources to include grid power, external generator, and fuel cell


  • A ready-to-use independently tested system
  • Open standards allow for technology upgrades and customer enhancements as requirements evolve
  • Easy to use
  • Low operational cost, no carbon footprint, and no down time due to power outages
  • Our solution simplifies deployment and provides options for fixed and mobile applications because there is no additional communications building required

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