Combat Training Center-Instrumentation Hardware and Software Systems (CTC-IS)

Leidos provides high-performance, full-spectrum operations instrumentation solutions to support live training exercises and simulation at combat, joint and reserve training centers.

For more than 30 years Leidos has provided high-performance, full spectrum Combat Training Center Instrumentation Systems (CTC-IS) to the Army National Training Center (NTC) and the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC).

Leidos designs, develops and delivers core control instrumentation hardware and software systems, After Action Review (AAR), mobile video units, Range Communications Systems (RCS), Range Data Measurement System (RDMS) Data Communications Interface Units (DCIU), Fiber Optic Networks (FON); and encrypted, FIPS-140-2-certified, P-25-based Observer Controller Communications Systems (OCCS) for advanced voice communications.


CTC-IS supports a virtually limitless variety of training exercise environments, military units, individual entities, behaviors, and scenarios for world-class training and simulation.

  • Provides a collaborative, real world training environment for military units
  • Enables realistic, live training exercises and simulations
  • Integrates range communications systems, end-to-end
  • Delivers fiber and radio frequency infrastructure to support the high bandwidth communications needs of today's training environment
  • Integrates wireless networks with existing communications to provide required range tracking, voice and data communications
  • Performs pre-exercise, exercise, and post-exercise tasks
  • Enables GPS positioning and data communications for large numbers of exercise participants
  • Integrates indoor positioning technologies for military operations in urban terrain


  • MILES laser-based TESS products
  • GPS-based real-time tracking systems
  • Real-time multi-player data link systems (up to 10,000 players)
  • Aircraft, ship, vehicle, and man-worn range instrumentation packages
  • Range voice, video, microwave, and fiber-optic communications systems
  • Real-time data processing, weapons simulations, and database software
  • Large, complex, system integration, checkout and test
  • Range operations and maintenance


Leidos has over 40 years of experience producing cost-effective, military training and test range instrumentation systems. We have 30 years of experience in core range systems development and deployment — from large scale combat training centers to smaller, flexible training systems to meet rapidly evolving threats and conflicts in today's world. Our highly experienced, qualified team has deep domain expertise in communications, system engineering and integration, software development, and hardware.

  • Our systems are among the most advanced and lowest risk CTC-IS systems for future warfighter training exercises and simulations available today.
  • 15-years of experience in designing and delivering Tactical Engagement Simulation Systems (TESS), including delivery of over 8,000 vehicle Wireless Individual Target Systems (WITS)
  • Ability to interface the Leidos RDMS to the various past and future Army TESS MILES systems
  • Extensive fielding and non-line-of-sight geometric bearing technology experience at military training bases

Key Developments

  • 1981-1989 Established the Standard for CTC-IS
    Leidos designed, developed and installed the original National Training Center-Instrumentation System (NTC-IS) from 1981 - 1982, and provided the Life Cycle Support until 1989. The system established the standard for future Army and foreign CTC-IS systems.
  • 1988-1993 Delivered the 2nd Generation CTC-IS
    Leidos designed, developed and installed the second generation NTC-IS, providing a new generation of CIS/AAR hardware and software including Mobile Video Units (MVU) to deliver live video transmission from the field. This system was the standard for supporting Warfighter force-on-force training at the NTC through 2009.
  • 2001-2009 Developed the 3rd Generation RCS and next-generation OCCS
    Leidos provided the third generation Range Communications System (RCS) to provide an advanced GPS-based RDMS and the next generation Observer Controller Communications System (OCCS). The current RDMS software and infrastructure can support up to 10,000 exercise participants.
  • 2004-2009 Installed FON
    Leidos designed, installed and enhanced a 350-mile Fiber Optic Network (FON) backbone at a national training center to provide the high-capacity internet protocol (IP) network that links together all field instrumentation systems with the Operations Center facility.
  • 2005-2008 Provided Advanced OCCS for JTRC
    Leidos provided the encrypted, FIPS-140-2-certified, P-25-based OCCS to deliver an advanced voice communications system for the combat trainers and other Ops Group users.
  • 2008 Delivered Secure P-25 OCCS
    Leidos provided the secure P-25 OCCS for the U.S. Army Exportable Training Capability Instrumentation System (ETC-IS) and the encrypted broadband backhaul communications systems from the three remote relay sites to the main ETC-IS complex.

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