Air Defense Weapons Systems (ADWS) MILES Kits

The ADWS MILES Kits provide an adaptable, wireless, tactical engagement and instrumentation system for contemporary air defense weapons.

The Air Defense Weapons Systems (ADWS) Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) expands force-on-force live training capability and fidelity from infantry-based and armor-based exercises to the inclusion of simulated air defense engagements-ground to air, and air to ground.

The ADWS provides an adaptable, wireless, tactical engagement and instrumentation system for contemporary air defense weapons manufactured domestically and internationally.


The ADWS delivers a high-fidelity detection system for real-time shot assessment in MILES-based live training environments or combat training centers across the globe. Through its modular design, the ADWS is an interoperable solution that simulates the firing and actual effects of a variety of air defense weapons in both contemporary and older MILES-based technology environments and combat training centers (CTCs).


Features of ADWS include the following:

  • Integrated detection system to track effects of MILES-based weapon firings
  • Wireless system design that reduces installation time of ADWS kits
  • Batteries re-charged and BIT performed while in transit case
  • Proven instrumentation interface-compliant with all three Army Combat Training Centers (CTC)
  • PMT 90-S002 MILES Communication Code (MCC) standard-compliant
  • Uses actual weapon sights or optical sights
  • Firing indication to operator
  • Firing flash cue visible out to maximum range

Selectable features of the ADWS Controller Device include:

  • Two lines by 16 characters backlit LCD display
  • Membrane switch panel for ease of navigation
  • Storage of 1,000 time-tagged events
  • Sixteen most recent events available for immediate review
  • Industry standard RS-232 and RS-485 serial ports for future growth
  • Industry standard IrDA noncontact upload and download interface


The ADWS provides MILES kits for the following air defense weapons systems:

  • ZSU-23
  • ZPU-2
  • Strela

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