MK-19 Simulator Player Unit



MK-19 Simulator Player Unit

MK-19 Simulator Player Unit

The MK-19 Simulator Player Unit simulates the firing and actual effects of an MK-19 in a Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) environment.

Through its modular design, the MK-19 Simulator Player Unit provides the common approach for the Stryker Remote Weapon Station, M113 pintle mount, AAV, Humvee (HMMWV) and ground mount.

Like all Leidos TES training systems, the MK-19 Simulator Player supports tough, realistic field training exercises with wireless, lightweight, low-power, laser common components which are interoperable throughout our dismounted and mounted systems.


MK-19 Simulator Player controller-selectable features include:

  • Four ammunition types along with their unique ballistic characteristics
  • Accurate time-of-flight simulation based on range and ammunition type selected
  • Compensation for super-elevation due to ammunition ballistics
  • Independently adjustable vehicle and man-worn hit profiles
  • Integrated detection system for casualty assessment
  • Non-line-of-sight GB solution successfully demonstrated at National Training Center (NTC) and Fort Benning
  • Consistent laser footprint of 20 meters over the entire effective range
  • Use of actual weapon sights or optical sights
  • Easy boresight verification requiring no external devices
  • Firing indication to operator
  • Firing flash cue visible out to maximum range
  • External software re-programmability
  • Two lines by sixteen characters backlit LCD display
  • Membrane switch panel for ease of navigation
  • Storage of 1,000 time-tagged events
  • Sixteen most recent events available for immediate review
  • Industry standard RS-232 and RS-485 serial ports for future growth
  • Industry standard IrDA noncontact upload and download interface
  • Audio cue device replicates the sound of the weapon firing


The MK-19 Simulator Player is based on an advanced wireless, modular, open architecture and provides maximum flexibility and adaptability, enabling significantly reduced total cost of ownership.

The MK-19 Simulator like other Leidos TES training systems supports tough, realistic field training exercises with state-of-the-art wireless, lightweight, low-power, laser components. The MK-19 Simulator Player common components are interoperable throughout our dismounted and mounted systems so you can combine capabilities of different wireless components to fit the Warfighters' unique training needs. This helps to lower production costs, reduce life-cycle support expenses, and provides the opportunity to procure more systems to support your training objectives.

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