Wireless Independent Target System



Wireless Independent Target System

Wireless Independent Target System (WITS)

WITS provides noncombat vehicles, trucks, and targets with a high-fidelity detection system for real-time casualty assessment in a MILES-based training environment.

The WITS is software-adaptable to support the full range of tracked and wheeled logistics, utility, and light armored vehicles in service today. The WITS is easy to mount on a variety of vehicles and targets making it one of the most adaptable and flexible Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) target products available today.

Like all Leidos TES training systems, the WITS supports tough realistic field training exercises with wireless, lightweight, low-power, laser common components which are interoperable throughout our dismounted and mounted systems.


  • 80 externally programmable vehicle types and PK tables
  • PMT 90-S002 MILES Communication Code (MCC) standard-compliant
  • Liquid crystal display (LCD), membrane switch panel, and audio speaker for ease of user interface
  • Improved player ID and zone of impact decoding
  • Infrared data association (IrDA) port for external reprogrammability
  • Built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver

The WITS is easy, flexible and quick to install on different target configurations, taking less than 10 minutes for installation and verification. WITS also simplifies technology insertion through a modular design.

The state-of-the-art wireless design of WITS means there are no costly cables that can be cut or damaged during an exercise. This reduces support and associated detector belt maintenance costs.

The lightweight, low-power components of the TES training systems minimize interference with live training and weapon systems' operation. WITS power module batteries recharge on the go using embedded solar panels or vehicle battery power. WITS also provides a multi year battery life.


WITS is based on an advanced wireless, modular, open architecture and provides maximum flexibility and adaptability across the entire vehicle inventory, enabling significantly reduced total cost of ownership. The WITS has proven instrumentation interface and is compliant at all three Army Combat Training Centers. Like other Leidos TES training systems, the WITS has demonstrated non-line-of-sight GB technology at Army training bases and has been successfully embedded inside vehicles.

WITS like all Leidos TES training systems supports tough, realistic field training exercises with state-of-the-art wireless, lightweight, low-power, laser components. The WITS common components are interoperable throughout our dismounted and mounted systems so you can combine capabilities of different wireless components to the Warfighters' unique training needs. This helps to lower production costs, reduce life-cycle support expenses, and provides the opportunity to procure more systems to support your training objectives.

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