Advanced Analytics Suite



Advanced Analytics Suite

Advanced Analytics Suite

A higher level of automation, discovery of context, an agile development process, and open standards.

Advanced Analytics Suite provides automated capabilities, an open architecture, and a standards-based framework necessary to support activity-based intelligence. These capabilities include content management, sensor management, automated fusion, and data integration.

The suite offers automated behavior analysis and understanding of data to facilitate flexible, user-specified search criteria including areas of interest, entities of interest, and spatial/temporal association.

Content Management — Content management combines geospatial data management with a browser-based search interface. It is flexible and scalable, and contains enhanced functionality to support GEOINT and imagery products as analyst needs evolve.

  • Accessible through any Web browser
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Scalable to support increased sites worldwide
  • Hosted on existing infrastructure
  • Current with new geospatial and imagery formats
  • Supports disconnected and autonomous operation
  • Extensible for ease of added or enhanced capabilities and Concept of Operations (CONOPS)
  • Compatible with approved standards to allow access by future external systems and clients
  • Integrated with leading Web-map technologies such as Google EarthTM and EsriTM

Sensor Management — Sensor management is an open, standards-based, service oriented architecture for management, control, and dissemination that integrates end-to-end sensor operations into an intuitive interface for users whether in the field or at national command centers.

  • Remote sensor access and control for multiple distributed users
  • Ingestion, storage, search and dissemination of sensor data
  • Web-based service oriented architecture with community-approved standards
  • Cross-domain operation incorporates robust security

Automated Fusion — The automated fusion framework provides a loosely-coupled collection of services for an innovative, entity-based fusion system compatible with traditional sensor data (structured and semi-structured) and text-based (unstructured) sources for semantic awareness of both temporal and spatial intelligence data.

  • Semantic space and time normalization
  • Relationship discovery
  • Entity association with user-defined key locations
  • High value entity (HVE) discovery
  • Generation of static and dynamic context to support behavior understanding (Storyteller) for individual entities and groups

Data Integration — Data integration directly addresses the "big data" processing, exploitation, dissemination (PED) challenge.

  • A Web-based architecture that efficiently delivers relevant components of "big data" to analysts using existing communications infrastructure and standard web browsers
  • A data side service provides chip-level access to massive image and other data sources streaming only the relevant subset of the data to an analyst, eliminating a need to download the entire data sets
  • Simple search queries identify data of potential interest
  • Supports a wide range of devices, including handhelds
  • Once a connection is made, an analyst is able to manipulate the view (e.g., roam, zoom, fast-forward, and rewind) providing a fully interactive experience
  • Designed as a next-generation data streaming capability
  • Backwards-compatible with legacy architectures that require a local copy for exploitation.

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