AIMES is the next generation motion imagery (MI) management and exploitation suite supporting real-time and forensic processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED).

Additional products can be purchased as plug-ins to the AIMES product line to provide additional functionality. Those products include:

  • AIMES Restream
  • AIMES Reflector
  • AIMES MapView


The AIMES Add-ons provide users with additional functionality that supplements vital elements such as training, testing, mission support, and video sharing across large enterprise structures.


  • AIMES Reflector
    This product supplements the AIMES product suite by supporting the distribution of motion imagery and other data steams across a network. AIMES Reflector software is used to read and redirect data (including streaming video) from one User Diagram Protocol (UDP) or Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) address to another UDP or TCP address. It can send streams to individual workstations and can change from multi-casting to uni-casting or vice versa. It is only available for Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  • AIMES Restream
    This product supplements the AIMES product suite by restreaming multiple sequential files like those saved in storage at varying frame rates. AIMES Restream software simulates live feeds by multi-casting or uni-casting motion imagery files that have been previously saved to storage.
  • AIMES MapView
    This product supplements the AIMES product suite by providing an intuitive, simple and low-cost interface that allows analysts to track, manage and record video feeds during or after missions.


  • Increased processing capabilities
  • Improved training and mission support
  • Simulate environments for training and testing purposes
  • More robust distribution of video across an enterprise network
  • Stream saved footage for further review and analysis

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