PICTE manages FMV sensor data. Leidos develops and implements new sensor and metadata interface for the PICTE that deliver universal, high-quality video output.

Microsoft® Windows server and software providing image capture standard and high definition feeds and conversion to Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) — compliant formats for rebroadcast.


The image capture element receives all real-time FMV data, synchronizes the video and embedded information, and transforms the synchronized multiplexed stream into a standards-compliant output stream. The streaming output from the PICTE can be viewed immediately in real time using the MIRestream and MIReflector software, or archived with AIMES Server.

Product Line

  • 20 feed PICTE (PICTE 20)
    Windows server and software providing image capture and conversion of 20 exploitation quality feeds
  • Mobile PICTE (PICTE-M)
  • 20 Feed PICTE Add-on
    Additional process and storage capability for PICTE 20. Add on 20 feed increments (maximum is 60 feeds total)

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