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Range Tools

GeoRover Range Tools

The GeoRover® Range Tools extension loads into the ArcMap component of ArcGIS®, providing powerful tools for creating, editing, and importing ring, ellipse, and arc feature layers.

The GeoRover Range Tools extension is developed to work with the Esri® ArcGIS Desktop software (Basic, Standard, or Advanced). The extension loads a single toolbar into the ArcMap component of ArcGIS, providing powerful and interactive tools for creating, editing, and importing ring, ellipse, and arc feature layers.


  • Interactive (point-and-click) and coordinate-based tools for creating, editing, and deleting ring, ellipse, and arc features from shapefiles and geodatabase feature classes (personal, file, and enterprise ArcSDE®) "on-the-fly" within the ArcMap interface
  • Updating feature parameter values (radius, diameter, heading, sweep, semi/major axis, semi/minor axis) updates feature size/shape instantly
  • Range features are always geodetically correct when created and edited using the Range tools extension
  • Options menu available for customizing user preferences and default settings including add/edit and layer symbology, feature creation methods, and coordinate system behavior
  • Wizard-driven import tool creates or updates ring, ellipse, or arc feature layers from any delimited text file (.csv, .txt, .tab, etc.) Excel® spreadsheet, database (Access®, Oracle®, SQL Server®, etc.), or even semi-structured copy/pasted text with coordinates
  • Supports Decimal Degrees (DD), Degrees Decimal Minutes (DM), Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS), Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM), Military Grid Reference System (MGRS), and XY coordinates in any available units. All tools employ robust, smart, and flexible coordinate parsing capabilities
  • One-click button for displaying/hiding range feature center points


  • Compatible with any ArcGIS datum /coordinate system
  • Quickly and easily visualize numerical range data on a map
  • Manage sets of range features based on the same center point
  • Fast, flexible interface for operational use
  • All tools are fully compatible with enterprise (ArcSDE) databases
  • Features stored in shapefiles or feature classes
  • Combine coordinate import and buffering into one-step

The Leidos GeoRover software program is an Esri business partner, developer and value-added reseller. Special quantity discounts are available for eligible government agencies and educational institutions. Request a quote today.

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GeoRover software licenses, maintenance, and training classes are available on the Leidos GSA IT Schedule, Contract # GS-35F-116AA.

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