Sensor Scene Modeling and Analysis Software

INSSITE is a sensor scene modeling and analysis environment. Different sensor types and modalities, spanning radar (synthetic aperture radar [SAR], ground moving target indicator [GMTI], detection and ranging, radio frequency [RF] communications), visible/infrared (passive electro-optical/infrared [EO/IR], laser radar [ladar], thermal IR), can be evaluated against high fidelity scenarios constructed by the user. Scene models can be constructed using standard Geographic Information System and computer-aided design (CAD) data formats.


The synthetic sensor data produced by the INSSITE environment are typically used to support system design trades, concept of operations assessments, and the development, test, and assessment of signal processing and exploitation algorithms.

  • 3D, high-fidelity contextual information to support Intelligence
  • Preparation of the battlefield (IPB) and sensor tasking
  • Interactive sensor analysis and design with pre-configured sensor models or user-specified parameters
  • Generate predictive MASINT for geospecific what-if scenarios
  • Display both measured (collected) and synthetic (predicted) images and signatures for 3D visual multi-sensor fusion


  • SAR Imagery — Synthetic SAR imagery produced by XScene using scattering centers for Xpatch ® target signatures. Parametric clutter generation using physics-based models and statistics extracted from measured images.
  • Ladar Point Clouds — Simple "flash" ladar and GM-APD simulation for complex scenes that combine GIS data with highly detailed CAD models for vehicles, buildings, dismounts, etc.
  • RF Propagation — Geometrical optics (GO) and physical optics (PO-SBR) propagation of high-frequency RF for indoor/outdoor propagation analysis. Through-wall RF sensing scenarios and complex urban environments. Support design and analysis for communications, GPS, EW, and cyber-warfare sensing architectures and systems.
  • Sensor Visibility Information — Fully 3D point-to-point visibility computation; ray tracing based analysis of scene geometry. Display resulting visibility from different points-of-view (sensor platform, along path points on the ground, as a "ground truth" image).


A number of physics-based sensor prediction codes are integrated with INSSITE to provide a truly novel analysis capability.

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