ISRCrossCue is a premiere communication platform smart enough to connect similar users working towards a common goal.

ISRCrossCue creates a secure social network within the intelligence community to increase collaboration between analysts performing similar exploitation tasks.

Distributed ISR operations revolutionized the way intelligence is processed, exploited, and disseminated, increasing the amount of information that can be processed and decreasing the amount of time required to process it. However, there are thousands of analysts working on common problem sets with little to no way to communicate with one another. This impediment to collaboration results in significant time investment for mastery of the skills, duplication of effort, and reduced product quality.

ISRCrossCue provides the next step in optimizing the analysis and production of vital intelligence by enabling users to locate and leverage other analysts working on the same tasks. ISRCrossCue integrates with popular workflow management systems and exploitation clients to build a database of analysts that can be leveraged to connect the right people at the right time.


  • Accesses analysts’ exploitation history and makes it available for search
  • Allows analysts to search for peers with similar tasking and relevant experience
  • Facilitates secure, direct communication between analysts through dynamically created chat rooms
  • Allows analyst to give and receive "assists" for aiding in solving an intelligence problem
  • Displays analyst expertise visually in Google Earth
  • Leverages existing investments in production workflow systems and exploitation tools
  • Stores and indexes chat text and makes it available for later use

Analyst Benefits

  • Instantly find and collaborate with other subject matter experts
  • Decrease learning curves
  • Produce better products faster
  • Build connections with other analysts
  • Receive recognition from peers
  • Become famous across the intelligence community

Enterprise Benefits

  • Leverage your existing workflow system and exploitation tool(s)
  • Increase overall production capacity AND individual product quality
  • Reduce duplication of analytical effort
  • Increase communication across the intelligence community
  • Promote your organization’s expertise in Google Earth

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