The ISS-2000 Integrated Survey System was designed by professional hydrographers and surveyors for use by professional hydrographers and surveyors.

Leidos designed the ISS-2000 Integrated Survey System for professional hydrographers and surveyors. The compact and powerful ISS-2000 system supports a broad range of high-performance, shallow-water survey operations. These include:

  • Hydrographic charting of navigation lanes, inland waters, and coastal areas
  • Geologic mapping and scientific investigations
  • Location of objects on the seafloor

The ISS-2000 offers modular components in a choice of price-performance packages. These packages include:

  • Integrated sensor suites with data acquisition systems and software
  • Deep water, high resolution survey systems
  • Transportable and portable models
  • A unique capability to run ISS-2000 in an autonomous mode, compatible with unmanned platforms


  • Proven International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) accuracy in high speed, shallow-water surveying and processing
  • Powerful real-time processing and visualization for higher efficiency and data yields
  • Alignment calibration tools
  • Real-time quality assurance including:
    • generic sensor format, real-time coverage
    • plot, survey report file
  • Interfaces to a range of multibeam sonars, GPS receivers, single beam echo sounders, motion sensors, gyros, acoustic positioning systems, autopilots, and more
  • Compatible with SABER; a data analysis and processing tool
  • Common and fully integrated operation and information management controls
  • Full range of hydrographic planning and data collection services


Survey Planning


  • Route planning
  • Survey/transect planning (line spacing, speeds, etc.)
  • Automatic transect and waypoint construction and scheduling
  • Complex line pattern computations
    • ladder
    • tangent/offset
    • ellipse
    • polygons
    • exclusion zones
  • Computations for tide zones, overlap, total survey line miles, etc.
  • Geodetic transformations (point-to-point, datum conversions, distance measures)


  • Overlays (BSB charts, historical data, targets, waypoints, etc.)
  • Interactive lane spacing and vessel speeds
  • Multiple surveys can occupy a single plan
  • Import "layers" of external data for plan aids

Real Time Data Acquisition


  • Automatic route monitoring and control
  • Integrated sensor control and data quality monitoring
  • Data acquisition, storage and protection
  • Visualization and plotting of all data gathering operations
  • Status information (logging, errors, alarms, measurement quality)
  • Diagnostics (sensor calibrations, self-test, error checks)
  • Coverage and corrected bathymetric displays
  • Static and dynamically corrected displays (tides, SVPs, squat, etc.)


  • On-the-fly plan and sensor setup changes
  • Dynamically corrected sonar measures and navigation
  • Information recording and management of all hydrographic information in generic sensor format
  • Efficient monitoring and control of system operational performance
  • Operator alerts for exceeded data limits, system status and alarms
  • Depth and cross-track distances for each (corrected) beam

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