Frequency Selective Surface Simulation Software

McFSS is a computer software package for the analysis of Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS). For a wide variety of geometry configurations and material loading, McFSS gives the numerically exact solution of FSS transmission problems. McFSS is an accumulation of ten years worth of development efforts and is a tightly integrated FSS package with unsurpassed capability, accuracy, and ease-of-use.


Two major applications of FSS are radome and reflector antennas. McFSS has been applied to representative cases of these two applications. Results calculated by McFSS are in excellent agreement with measured data.


In McFSS, FSS screens are assumed to be periodic and of infinite extent. Then the electromagnetic problem is formulated by one of the following two methods:

  • Modal matching technique with waveguide and Floquet modes.
  • Method of Moments (MoM) applied to a unit cell of FSS with periodic boundary conditions and Green’s function of layered media.

Both formulations are exact and lead to a set of infinite matrix equations. Matrices are truncated at a finite number N and solved using standard matrix solvers. For a typical FSS problem, the solution converges with N equal to approximately 20 for mode matching, and N equal to approximately 200 for MoM.


McFSS consists of nine free-standing computer codes, written in a mix of FORTRAN and C. All computation intensive parts are written in FORTRAN, while C is used mainly for dynamic memory allocation. All codes have the same Xpatch-like user interface, checking examples with answers, and benchmark cases consisting of measured data or results from other codes. A User's Manual is available.

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