Full-Wave Electromagnetic Simulation Software (2D)

McMoM2D is an electromagnetic scattering computational program based on the method of moments solution of an integral equation. McMoM2D models far-field (radar) scattering.


The two-dimensional complex targets can have any combination of the following:

  • Perfectly conducting areas or zero-width strips
  • Penetrable area with constant permittivity and permeability
  • Impenetrable area with impedance boundary conditions
  • Tapered resistive cards


  • The target geometry is completely arbitrary, described by a number of 2D connected or disconnected curves.
  • For a given target and incident polarization, the code automatically selects a proper formulation. However, the user may override this selection, and force the use of another formulation, namely, the E-field integral equation, the H-field integral equation, or a combined integral equation.
  • The code can handle the case that the target is above an infinite PEC or PMC ground plane.
  • If the target is symmetric with respect to a plane, the user can specify only the upper half of the target. This will reduce the number of unknowns to about half, which enables the user to solve larger problems.


McMoM2D is designed for easy use. The goal is that users should be able to run the code without even opening the manual.

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