Modular Microwave Advanced Design Tool Optimizer (MMADTO) is a one-dimensional, multilayered, laminant absorber design code.

MMADTO (Modular Microwave Advanced Design Tool Optimizer) is a one dimensional, multilayered, laminant absorber design code.


MMADTO is the material stack optimizer for radar absorbing materials.


  • Laminate optimization and integration
  • Lavenberg-Marquardt optimization algorithm
  • Computes RCS vs. frequency and/or incident angle
  • Suited for high and low frequency absorber designs


  • MMADTO can handle arbitrary number of dielectric and/or magnetic layers above a metal or impedance boundary surface.
  • It employs a flexible optimizer allowing a combination of automated and man-in-the-loop optimizations. The dispersion relations of the materials include arbitrary (table look-up) descriptions, in addition to parametric descriptions typical of artificial dielectrics and circuit analogs. This combination of features makes this code well suited for integration of high and low frequency absorber designs.

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