SIAM software facilitates decision-making. It helps break down complex issues so important relationships can be recognized and evaluated, especially when empirical information is sparse or uncertain.


SIAM can be used to evaluate the impact of each factor in a range of situations, from national security planning to corporate decision-making. Uses include:

  • Analyzing a political event
  • Assessing a new advertising campaign
  • Projecting variations in a financial plan over time.

Collaborate Across Disciplines
Analysts, decision makers, corporate strategists, and operational planners with expertise in different disciplines can use SIAM to collaborate on issues which require an understanding of many fields. Users who share a specialty can employ SIAM to critique and challenge the logic of one another on any given issue. Changes can then be incorporated and assessed for their impact.

Analyze Problem Subcomponents
SIAM helps break down complicated issues into simpler parts, thereby allowing users to recognize and evaluate important relationships among sub-issues more easily. SIAM allows the user to separate out the fundamental causal events and relationships pertinent to a sub-objective of the overall situation.

Examine Competing Viewpoints/Different Potential Outcomes
SIAM allows users to assign parametric values to identify the different causal relationships. These different "views" of the situation are called excursions, and they can be explored with SIAM's cross-excursion analysis tools to identify variations among the views. For users interested in slight variations, say over time, SIAM allows excursions to be "derived" from each other.


SIAM operates on Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. Minimum requirements are 2.4GHz Pentium IV with 512MB RAM and CD-ROM.

SIAM offers:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Automated assessment capability
  • Independent evaluation of factors/influences
  • Understanding of overall impact and interrelationships.

Causeway, SIAM's "sister application", is available for export and can be localized to different languages. A Service Support Agreement (SSA) can be purchased which includes upgrades. Training and modeling services are also available.


SIAM encourages the user to consider and track the impact of all issues, events, perceptions, and other factors which are believed to be of some significance. By analyzing all relevant issues, the user can make the most informed decision possible.

Automated assessment tools allow the user to evaluate the importance of uncontrolled variables, and adjust decisions to incorporate major developments and changes to the situation or information updates available to the user.

With its user-friendly graphical structure and automated evaluation functions, SIAM encourages a more detailed level of thinking than is sometimes possible by intuition alone. Once identified, these detailed issues and relationships can be assessed for their importance within the larger picture.

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