A reliable digital record of video, audio and locomotive events for railway incidents.

The RailView system is a rugged digital video recorder for locomotives. RailView continuously records the scene in front of the train whenever the locomotive is in motion, along with audio, speed and other information — automatically, with no human action required.


RailView can store the latest 18 days of video and audio, along with train speed, direction and other locomotive events, all in a tamper-resistant digital format that's easy to retrieve and archive. And the system's Playback software makes it easy to review the RailView record. With RailView, the railroad can quickly review the events and conditions surrounding an incident-at the scene or any time after the incident.


RailView keeps a continuous video and audio record at 4 to 10 frames per second (fps). RailView can also record train speed, engine direction, horn and other events. RailView overwrites the oldest data with new data to keep a continuous, current record — about 18 days of data at 4 fps. The RailView system includes the following components:

  • Camera and microphone. A compact camera mounted in the top corner of the windshield captures a clear image of the track and grade crossings ahead of the train, and an integrated microphone records audio in the cabin.
  • Recorder. A rugged digital recorder mounted in the cabin records video, audio and events. Physical and electronic security features guard against damage and tampering. RailView records whenever the train is moving-no human action, no media to load, no maintenance. Authorized personnel can retrieve the record on removable flash memory or download it to a portable computer via a supplied cable.
  • Playback. RailView's Playback software lets authorized personnel review the RailView record on Windows® workstations. Playback replays the video and audio and displays the train speed and other information. The operator can skip to any point; play at normal, slow or fast speed; freeze on any frame; and save selected frames or clips.

The RailView components are compact, rugged and easy to install. Leidos has provided thousands of RailView systems for railroads across North America. The RailView system is available with Leidos'sglobal maintenance and technical support.

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