Transportation Visibility and Metrics System



Transportation Visibility and Metrics System

Transportation Visibility and Metrics System (TransVM)

Our Transportation Visibility and Metrics system offers a high level of shipment visibility, load management, shipment metrics, and reporting capabilities. This technology is delivered via an easy to use web-browser interface and at an affordable price. TransVM enables logistics providers with the means to lower costs while providing improved service.


TransVM is an integrated toolset designed to manage shipment activity from order creation to final delivery in a true exception based environment. Internal shipping departments and 3rd-party logistics providers use TransVM to effectively measure and control end-to-end logistics, and synchronize their supply-chain. TransVM users wield a powerful suite of functionality to gain visibility of shipments, manage shipping events, perform carrier selection, shipment rating, analysis and reporting.


The TransVM software suite provides these features:

  • Full shipment visibility: Transportation managers, shippers, carriers and consignees can track the load lifecycle from order creation to final delivery.
  • Entirely Web-based: Immediately available to the user with access to the Internet. No client software installation is necessary.
  • Application Service Model: With an ASP, the cost and hassle of installing and operating a critical software system is eliminated. Business continuity is assured with 24x7 support.
  • Full electronic data exchange capabilities: EDI, XML, Delimited File, Custom
  • Tiered Carrier Selection and Load Tendering: Carrier selection preferences by lane, cost, or other measures can be specified. Loads to be tendered are presented on the web to preferred carriers in successive tiers until loads are accepted.
  • Exception-based transportation management: A dashboard summary of all shipments is provided.
  • Predictive delivery-failure algorithms: Early warning of potential delivery problems alerts logistic specialists thus facilitating on-time delivery performance.
  • Full-featured Rate management: Rating engine is world-class, flexible and easy to use and maintain.
  • Interactive Dock scheduling module: Scheduling of dock appointments is available in a real-time visual representation of scheduled and active loading/unloading operations at the loading docks.
  • Track & Trace, Container Tracking, and Yard-Management functionalities
  • Detailed shipping metrics: Event metrics are collected for each shipment to provide the ability for reporting, carrier performance and efficiency analysis.
  • Self-Invoicing: Rates and Shipment costs are calculated for each shipment, providing the ability for self-invoicing, which saves time and labor during the billing process.


TransVM delivers benefits that can help you:

  • Leverage Transportation Management tools at a fraction of the cost of traditional TMS software.
  • Make better-informed transportation decisions using true load visibility.
  • Locate shipping bottlenecks by analysis of detailed shipping metrics.
  • Reduce shipment delays due to carriers waiting at docks and poorly synchronized supply-chain.
  • Reduce administrative and support costs by increasing productivity through early identification of problem shipments and reducing human error.
  • Achieve collaboration among shippers, carriers, and consignees through improved information flow.

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