Unconventional Intelligence Solutions for the 21st Century

The Challenge

The aggressive growth of data overwhelms the ability of Department of Defense (DoD) customers on a national level to allow deployed warfighters to collect, digest, and interpret available information in support of operational decision-making.

What Do We Offer?

An Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) as a service model built and staffed to satisfy the most difficult collection and analysis requirements facing Leidos’s customers today.

Isn’t OSINT just data mining?

No. We use a constantly evolving variety of tools, technology, resources (data and human), and tradecraft to address evolving global threats and opportunities.

8 Customer Challenges that HALOGEN® Solves:

  • No “Boots on the ground” – Using detailed analytic products and big data collection technology we provide local intelligence prior to arrival.
  • Impact of “Boots on the ground” collection – We monitor social network change and corruption of collection environments to ID reliable sources with real network influence.
  • Inability to identify changing populace sentiment – Our 24/7 automated sentiment monitoring, with predictive analysis provides early threat warning, or continuous evaluation/reporting of MISO results.
  • Inadequate HUMINT in denied areas, or areas without adequate IC sources – Our in-country expert network of local personnel in business and government provide immediate insight from multiple levels.
  • Searches being attributed back to your organization – Use of full non-attribution systems during collection protect against compromise of attribution back to the source.
  • Keeping up with automation and software changes for OSINT collection – We maintain toolset currency, including big data tools, non-attribution, and relationships with niche subcontractors.
  • Intelligence Oversight – All our analysts are IO trained and all products with US persons are prominently marked to aid retention and dissemination decisions, ensuring issue-free IO.
  • Lack of ability to quickly lift and shift collection and analysis focus globally – Fully scalable with linguist analysts to focus on customer areas, without affecting standing requirements.

Our Team of Experts

Our team includes analysts & linguists who are highly proficient with big-data tools, social media, and culturally attuned searches in-language to find data on the open or deep web to answer customer priority intelligence requirements.

Government Customers

Focus is on identification of networks and influencers, including geolocation, to identify emerging issues, sentiments, threats, and create tippers for customer action, or additional government collection using specialized assets.

Commercial Customers

Focus is on protecting existing business assets, evaluating opportunities, and creating business intelligence that gives the business decision-maker a distinct advantage.

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