Security Operations Consulting & Integration

After operation our own Security Operations Center for nearly two decades, we have assembled a team of highly seasoned professionals that can provide guidance and services across the cyber lifecycle. Learning from our own trial and error, we have formed streamlined processes for establishing a security operations center efficiently. Our team is dedicated to gaining an intimate understanding of your needs and using that as the basis for our recommendation. We have vast knowledge of the various hardware and software providers and can apply that knowledge to help you stand up the best security operations center for your organization.

We regularly help customers build security operation centers and even build their own managed security services. Additionally, our architecture and design business within our Engineering Sector can be leveraged to support actual facility construction efforts, if needed.

We have extensive experience with regards to technology selection, including the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system that serves as the core to any security operations center. By seamlessly integrating the SIEM with the managed security service offering, we are better able to identify, assess and report on threats continuously at a rate of 75,000 to 100,000 indicators per hour.

In addition to the structure, capacity, and technology needs, we also have extensive experience in identifying the size of the workforce necessary and have learned how to find the best talent to staff these needs and maintain the skills necessary through regular training. Our team can help in any stage from initial staffing to classroom-style or on the job training.


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